Muskauer Park

Germany, Bad Muskau

Muskauer Park is one of the finest examples of European landscape design. This park was originated in 1815 on both banks of the River Neisse, along the German-Polish border. The mastermind behind its creation was Prince Hermann of Puckler-Muskau, who dedicated his life to the art of landscape gardening. The park is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and should definitely be in your "must-visit list.”

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We kick-off our tour at the central park entrance, in front of the Old Castle (Altes Schloss). Here you could purchase a park map (in German only) for 2 Euro’s that contain some interesting facts regarding the park’s history, and depicts the network of winding pathways.

Interesting Fact: In 1815 does Prince Hermann of Puckler-Muskau start work on a landscaped garden that would be without equal in the world. He gave his park a very modern and imaginative form, becoming one of the most important German landscape gardeners in the process.

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Puckler drew inspiration from the architecture and design of stately English homes, palaces and castles. The romantic castles and palaces of England in particular enamored him. They appeared to be evidence of centuries of dominion. He wanted something similar in Muskau. A medieval castle would have to be built specially. But it never was.

At the center of Muskauer Park stands New Castle (Neues Schloss). Puckler planned to restyle it, but a shortage of money forced him to abandon the idea. Instead, Puckler's successors gave the castle a neo-renaissance look.

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The Old Castle and New Castle of Bad Muskau.

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Puckler called his work "painting with nature." Instead of paint and brushes, he used trees, hills, meadows and rivers. Winding paths and tracks lead curious visitors to his best pictures, all of which have a story to tell.

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What is considered so successful about the park is the way in which the individual, differently structured areas are connected by sweeping vistas and winding pathways. The integration of the natural course of the River Neisse, with the man-made canal called 'Hermann's River Neisse,' is also regarded as a masterpiece. This bridge and the one from the previous photo are above this Hermannsneisse.

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Now we came to the central entrance of New Castle of Bad Muskau.

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The front view of New Castle of Bad Muskau as it is seen from the main castle meadow.

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The Old Castle of Bad Muskau across the Luciesee.

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A view of New Castle from the Karpfenbrucke (the carp bridge) is of postcard quality.

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Now it is time to go deeper into the park, further from the castle.

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The quiet Eichsee (Oak lake) and the Eichberg (Oak hill) behind. Next we will go around the lake and it's meadow (Seewiese) to the Eichberg Hill where several viewpoints are located.

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This is the perfect vantage point to get a great view of the Eichberg Hill, the curve of the Neisse River and the English Bridge in the distance.

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The river Neisse from the Eichberg.

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Hermannseiche (The Hermann's Oak) surrounded by stones.

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A better view on the English Bridge.

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Some of the viewpoints in the upper part of the park feature the castle between the trees and behind vast meadows.

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Every bench in the park is almost screaming for you to sit, relax and contemplate the beauty of the landscape.

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German-Polish border stones are placed along the river, but the state border doesn't prevent both sides of joint maintenance of this beautiful place.

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