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Discover the best hiking, running or cycling routes on earth. Since they were uploaded by walkers, runners and cyclists, they won’t lead you to highways or dead-ends. Enjoy nature and fresh air with this awesome app.

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Routes.Tips include people’s favourite routes, often near their homes an usually off the beaten track. That gives you, the holidaymaker, the opportunity to explore spectacular areas that most tourists will never find.


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Search different parts of the world for great new experiences. Have fun finding random routes. Thousands of free mobile tour guides will show you the way!

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Record your trip with maps and photos and publish them for your friends or other travelers.

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Let Routes track your travels through GPS. Take pictures and make notes along the way to compile your own travel journal. Record your next hike, sightseeing tour, property guide, skiing, hiking or biking adventure.

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Take a walk through your own neighborhood and showcase it to tourists. Let them in on the little secrets of the neighborhood; the best bars, restaurants, parks and backstreets.

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Mark the countries you have been to and have a world map of your travels on the Routes website.


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Routes.Tips will find you the best routes at any given location.


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Explore exciting routes from your phone as you learn interesting facts about the location.


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Become the routes aficionado in your circle with our handy travel stats feature.

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