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Here is a nice walk that starts from Plaza de Espana, follows through the shopping area of the famous Gran Via, heading further to the Egyptian Temple of Debod, and as a cherry on the traveller’s pie, there is a ride on the 1969 notorious cable car, called Madrid Teleferica, for the most amazing view over the city.

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Hello from Plaza the Espana, there is a beautiful fountain and many benches where you can have a rest or a break right at Grand Via corner.

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This is a very beautiful statue of Cervantes.

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Miguel de Cervantes, who created of the valiant fighter against the injustice Don Quixote, is a very famous Spanish writer, a poet and a soldier; that is why his statue embodies all his talents and virtues.

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On the way to the Temples, we discovered this amazing church, the cupola is shining so brightly in the sunlight that it almost blinds you.

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And here the Temples, definitely suggested to visit by night, at sunset time, because the natuale light of the sunset and the artificial light of the pool are a unique sight, especially for photographers.

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It is a sign of gratitude for the help provided by Spain in saving the Abu Simbel temples; the Egyptian state donated the temple of Debod to Spain in 1968.

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The cable car, or el Teleferica, is in the middle of the park so the walk is great because the park is really impressive.

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Unfortunately, someone in these photos had problems with the right hand.

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It is so great that you can come across lots of these lovable green birds. They are quite shy when they see a mobile camera, so, we were lucky to get a few precious snaps where they are still and unafraid.

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Here are the prices for the cable car ride. We decided to take a one-way ticket to visit the other side, but don’t repeat our mistake, under NO circumstances should you do the same, especially in the hot Madrid summer.

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Some stats about this line built in 1969.

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An old map of the city of Madrid.

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Ready to jump into it!

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The queue was not that long but closer to the middle, these two guys were taking photos for tourists with the green screen in the background, so that at the end of the route a lucky tourist would be able to buy a picture of riding a cable car.

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And here it goes again.

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The first shot from el Teleferica is more over a parking lot than over a park, but it is still nice.

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One way and the other.

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The Madrid Cathedral is in the back.

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Some open-air cinemas in Principe Pio block.

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Moving farther and farther away.

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These buildings are so cute, but the inner yards can leave too little room for imagination. What is it like to live and be able to see what your neighbour is doing?

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Finally, here comes the Rio River, which is not as famous as the Thames or the Seine. Yet, it is always refreshing to have some water basin in the middle of a big city.

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The amusement park is over there and you can almost hear people shouting with joy.

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