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Top 10 Fun and Must-do Activities in the City of Lugano

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Located in the southern parts of Switzerland, bordering Italy, is Lugano. A popular tourist spot, not only for its heady cocktail of sightseeing and climate, but also for the fun facts that makes this ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland,’ a fun place to visit. 
We present 10 of them to you …

10. An Art Connoisseur’s Delight

The Musée cantonal d'Art de Lugano, Italy.

The Musée cantonal d'Art de Lugano, Italy. (Photo Credit: Franck Arciuolo)

Lugano, the city of art and architecture, attracts art lovers by the droves to the  Museo Cantonale d'Arte, showcasing masterpieces by Klee, Jawlensky, Renoir and Degas, among others. For the architecture buffs, Lugano presents the Ticino School of Architecture, represented by well-known architects such as Luigi Snozzi and Mario Botta.

Museo Cantonale d'Arte, Via Canova 10, 6900 Lugano. Email:

The Museo Cantonale Arte+41918157971   

9. A Treat for Power-boating Enthusiasts  

Power boating in Lugano

(Photo Credit: Dimitris Vetsikas 1969)

You probably wouldn’t have imagined, but there is something spectacular in store in Lugano for the power boating enthusiast. Yes! It is the XCAT Swiss Grand Prix . This exciting power boating event is held on the picturesque Lugano Lake every June. Get your thrill with speedboats touching speeds of over 200 km/ph!

Via Nassa 7, 6900 Lugano. Email:

Via Nassa+41(0)919213804

8. A Gastronomic Delight

food in Lugano.

(Photo Credit: b1-foto)

In Lugano, the first weekend of October is celebrated as Festa d’Autunno. (The ‘Festival of Autumn.’)
This fall festival, held in numerous grottos in the pedestrian zone of Lugano, is dedicated to local produce, and is a gastronomic delight for connoisseurs of Ticino cuisine. 

Dicastero Eventi e Congressi, Dicastero Cultura, Sport ed Eventi, Via Trevano 55, 6900 Lugano

Dicastero Eventi +41588666600

7. Fun for the Auto Buffs

(Photo Credit: seelenbluete)

Does this city anything to do with automobiles? Yes, it does! The Autonassa event, held under the aegis of the Lugano Group UPSA (Professional Association of Swiss Automobile) and the Association Via Nassa, in collaboration with the City of Lugano, displays automobile novelties that include the latest cars and models. Auto fans and serious buyers… all are welcome.

Address: UPSA Unione Professionale Svizzera dell’Automobile, Corso Elvezia 16, 6900 Lugano

UPSA Unione Professionale Switzerland+41(0)919115114

6. Bliss for the Sweet Tooth

Lindt chocolate.  Lugano, Switzerland.

Lindt chocolate. Lugano, Switzerland. (Photo Credit: annca)

The mere thought of sinking your teeth into soft, gooey Swiss chocolates is enough to make one forget the Hersheys and the Ghirardellis of the chocolate world, and lure you to the Alprose Chocolate Museum and factory that not only showcases the historical evolution of Swiss chocolates, but also offers a wide variety to munch on.

Via Rompada, 6987 Caslano

Via Rompada+41(0)916118856

5. The Joy of City Brunch

(Photo Credit: Snufkin)

Don’t miss out on the chance to partake in the longest Swiss brunch taking place at Lugano Lake.  City Brunch seats well over 500 people. The entrance fee proceeds go to the Green Hope Foundation charity that is fighting against childhood cancer. This is true philanthropy presented in a fun way.

Lapix - Agenzia di Pubblicità, Lungolago, 6900 Lugano

Lapix +41(0)919667766

4. Meet the Music Maestros

The well known festival musicians.  Lugano, Switzerland.

The well known festival musicians. Lugano, Switzerland. (Photo Credit: FOSI ch)

The summer months witness the Lugano Festival – the classical music festival – that features over a dozen concerts conducted by world renowned orchestras and solo performers. Must see is the Argentinian pianist, Progetto Martha Argerich. Closely following this festival is the Blues-to-Bop Festival that offers more than 60 hours of free, contemporary live music.

LuganoMusica, Piazza Luini 2, CH - 6901 Lugano

LuganoMusica +41(0)588664285

3. The Easter Holiday Fun

Easter egg hunt.  Logano, Switzerland.

Easter egg hunt. Logano, Switzerland. (Photo Credit: gigglinggalaxy)

Come the March and Easter Holiday, fun begins in Lugano in the form of Pasqua in Città offering numerous fun activities that include ‘Hunting for Eggs’ at Parco Ciani, Animations at Piazza Manzoni, a toy library with Ludobus Macramé, and other games.

Division Events and Conferences, Via Trevano 55, 6900 Lugano

Division Events +41(0)588667440

2. The Culture Connect  

Brunch in Lugano

(Photo Credit: Snufkin)

You visit Switzerland, you see the attractions, but do you really get close to the rich cultural heritage of the country? 
Frankly, no! Lugano offers a fantastic opportunity to get up, close and personal with the culture of Switzerland through the Federal Choir Festival in Costume held in June every year. This festival showcases costumes from all the regions found in Switzerland, together with traditional folk performances and musical events.

Festa Federale delle Corali in Costume, 6900 Lugano

Festa Federale

1. Christmas and New Year Fun  

Celebrating christmas with decorating.  Lugano, Switzerland.

Celebrating christmas with decorating. Lugano, Switzerland. (Photo Credit: VinnyCiro)

Reserve your year-end for the fun-filled Natale in Piazza . The city transforms into a fusion of lights, colors, sounds and Christmas music as it celebrates the year’s most exciting events during Christmas and New Year in the city centre. It has all the fun elements – traditional markets, a skating rink, a kiddies’ village, concerts, New Year’s Eve open-party and many more.

Divisione Eventi e Congressi, Dicastero Cultura, Sport ed Eventi, Città di Lugano, Via Trevano 55, 6900 Lugano

Divisione Eventi +41(0)588667440

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