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Game of Thrones locations - Croatia

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There are two major cities in Croatia as far as Game of Thrones is concerned: Dubrovnik and Split. Both cities have been used since season two and feature in a lot of episodes. Especially Dubrovnik is interesting, as you will immediately recognise the locations that were used in the acclaimed HBO-series. Of course, some of the wide views in the series have been digitally enhanced, but the coast of King's Landing looks exactly the same in real life as in the series. The city council of Dubrovnik have been smart; they've printed a wonderful map of the city with all of the main attractions on it. So no need to prepare in advance! Oh, and even without Game of Thrones-references Dubrovnik is a very beautiful city that deserves a visit.

Split is further north along the coast, less instantly recognisable  but still full of beautiful fortresses and castles that were used in several scenes.The highpoint of Split is Diocletian's Palace, which used to be a private palace for a Roman emperor and is now a UNESCO Heritage site. The cellars of the palace were used as the underground passageways in Mereen - you can visit them too, if you dare!

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