Natural Park Fanes-Senes-Braies

Italy, Brunico - Bruneck

Probably every person who appreciates the beauty of the Dolomites knows Lake Braies for its breath-taking scenery. Yet almost no one knows that it is located on the very edge of a huge national park called Fanes-Senes-Braies which has so much to offer besides the famous lake. This popular trail goes from Rifugio Pederu to Rifugio Lavarela (the Fanes part of the park).

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The trail begins from Rifugio Pederu with a vast parking area. I wouldn’t encourage you to be overly optimistic with the relatively small size of the parking area, in summer time it gets full very quickly, so it is better to come earlier, or just stay in Pederu hotel. {/seo}

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The trail almost immediately starts to gain elevation at a rapid pace. For mountain bikers and infrequent cars going to mountains huts in the park there's a dirt road which is a kind of an alternative trail. It is slightly longer but you don't have to deal with boulders on a narrow walkway. {/seo}

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Sometimes the trail looks like a series of white stone steps. {/seo}

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In the top left corner of the photo with a small cloud resting on the top is Monte Sella di Sennes (2.787m) that is protecting the entrance to the national park. Pederu hotel is a little hut when seen from here. If you'd like to have all the information about surrounding mountains and mountain huts then the PeakVisor app is the best companion for your hike.

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After the first challenging ascend there is a short segment of a gentle descend. {/seo}

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Fanes-Senes-Braies National Park is the place where you regularly see what pristine nature looks like.{/seo}

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There are many bizarre rock formations in the Dolomites. For example, this one reminds me of a layered cake with a creamy vanilla filling inside. {/seo}

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Summer, Spring, Autumn, Surroundings, View, Snow & Ski Sports, Terrace, Garden, Winter, Golf Course, Daytime, Television, Yoga, Hot Tub, Sauna, Sports & Activities, Building, Bicycling, Fireplace, Entrance
Summer, Spring, Surroundings, Autumn, View, Garden, Snow & Ski Sports, Winter, Yoga, Kids Area, Terrace, Entrance, Building, Daytime, Golf Course, Boat, Television, Sauna, Water Sports, Hot Tub

Finally, some signs of civilizations, the cozy Malga Pices Fanes mountain hut appears in a scenic environment with rocks and a stream, it is not as astounding as other mountain huts (as in, but still well worth a visit.

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The area is famous for its beautiful Alpine meadows. Is not only scenically impressive but also hosts a huge variety of animal and plant species. There are several glimmering lakes in the area, be sure to walk around all of them. They offer fantastic photo opportunities of pale towering peaks reflected in the water.

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After a delicious lunch at Lavarela mountain hut, I walked slightly up towards Ju de Sant Antone for a vantage point photo. Here on the high altitude plateau, there were many whistling marmots. You’ll be lucky to take a shot of these dormant cute rodents. Piz d'Lavarela (3.055m) provides a clue about the origins of the mountain hut name.

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