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Top Funiculars and Cable Cars in Italy

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Do you like admiring the world from the top? Come to Italy and see where these incredible funiculars and cables cars can take you.
Looking at the horizon and being astounded by the charm of what is before us is what makes us conquer incredible heights that can be either a gift of nature or the result of human activity. The truth is that it is often only from far above that we can have an opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views. So, why don't you take advantage of that? You just need to be informed about the places where the facilities to achieve good views are located. Those landscapes will stay imprinted in your mind forever. We're talking about cable cars and funiculars. These tools are precious not only because they help you avoid spending many boring hours when you are driving up a serpentine road by car or riding a bike uphill, but also because they are an incredible way to get to destinations that couldn't be reached otherwise. We listed 10 funiculars and cable cars that once you reach the place will literally make you gape dazed and uttering one simple but beautiful monosyllable: "ohhhhh".

1. SkyWay Mont Blanc, Valle d'Aosta

Let's start with a record-breaking funicular: the SkyWay Mont Blanc has just set the "Europe's Highest Cable Car" record. It was inaugurated in 2015 and allows you to go from Courmayeur (Pontal d'Entrèves, 1,500 meters above sea level) to Punta Helbronner (3,466 meters). Some special features: the cabins spin around. In this way, they provide passengers with a 360 ° view of the whole area along the way. Timetable may vary depending on the season. There are also some opportunities to get discounts on prices of the rides.

2. Cable railway at Solda all'Ortles, South Tyrol

Solda Cableway

Solda Cableway

The East side of the Alps has a big treasure in store: the biggest cable railway of the world, located in Solda all'Ortles. It consists of four cabins that can contain up to 110 passengers each. It was opened in 2003, on that occasion it was fully loaded and carried 440 people on a single cable. The first route is 1,441 m long (with 300 meter difference in altitude). The second route has the same length as before, but the difference in height increases up to 410 meters.
South Tyrol is great on landscapes, if you want to explore more, go to Seiser Alm or pay a historic visit to a famous Proesels Castle, a masterpiece of late Gothic and early Renaissance architecture, a place where famous artists and writers hobnobbed a lot.

Prösels Castle

3. Laveno Mombello Cable railway, Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore Bucket Lift

Lake Maggiore Bucket Lift

The two-seater cabins chosen for this cable railway are definitely unusual and unique for their kind. They let you go  from Laveno Mombello almost up to the top of Sasso del Ferro (1,100 m). Floating gently up in unearthly silence makes you unperturbed and helps suck in the incredible landscape. The route lasts 16 minute and, once there, you'll have at your feet the fantastic views over Lake Maggiore, then the Alps, the Pre-Alps, the lakes of Lombardy and the Po Valley. When you reach your destination, you will find some nice cafes, a restaurant, a hotel, a shop selling local products and gift items. At the top, there's a launching point for hang gliders and paragliders. If you are that afraid of heights to take a funicular, there is a nice route nearby which you can take on foot and still see Lake Maggiore from above.

Sasso del Ferro

4. Monte Mottarone Stresa Funicular

Monte Mottaro

Monte Mottarone

The summit of Monte Rosa and the expanses of water of the seven lakes (Lake Maggiore, Lake d'Orta, Lake Mergozzo, Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, Lake Monate, Lake Biandronno) can't be described in just two words. The impressions of those who use the Mottarone Stresa cableway are like champagne bubbles: they go straight into your head and make you reel with happiness. Thanks to the particular shape of the territory, you'll have a magnificent 360° view, from the Po Valley to the peaks of the Alps. Located between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, Mottarone is considered one of the most beautiful natural balconies in the whole Piedmont. Here you can enjoy winter sports, hiking, hang-gliding and trips on mountain bikes along properly marked paths. Moreover, there's another pearl for tourists. You can easily reach the famous Borromean Islands downstream.

5. Funicular to Erice, Sicily



This is a perfect place to look at Sicily from above and fall in love with this wonderful land. The cableway linking Trapani to Erice is the right way to get a different perspective of this land, especially known for its crystal clear sea and invaluable historical finds. It takes just 10 minutes to reach Erice where you can enjoy an incredible overview of Trapani and the Egadi Islands. Not only the landscape is gorgeous, but you can also make the most of your time by walking through steep alleyways of the village, admiring the interiors of the churches, enjoying the typical Sicilian arancini (they look like little oranges, thus the name, and shine as elegant appetizers on the dining table. They are balls made of risotto foundation and various fillings: prosciutto, salami, meat sauce, cheese, ham and even chocolate!).

6. Col Dei Rossi Cable Car – The Dolomites

Thanks to this new and silent funicular, getting at 2,382 m. a.s.l. is extremely simple. Both in summer and in winter it is a fantastic panoramic spot where you can look at the beauty of nature offered like a precious gift by the Val di Fassa. From here your sight can reach up to Marmolada, which is rightly called "the Queen of the Dolomites". And you can also behold the Sassolungo (Langkofel in German), the Sella group in its magnificence and several other peaks, shaping the framework of a relaxing nature. Just watch the video and let us know what you think. Video Col Dei Rossi: it is rich in useful information and it shows spectacular landscapes.
The Dolomites can be explored via several routes, take any and enjoy the magnificent mountains. If you are at a loss what peak you see, the PeakVisor app will come to your aid.

Around Langkofel

7. Malcesine Monte Baldo Funicular  - Lake Garda

This is one of the most modern and advanced cable cars in the world with its revolving cabins that help tourists fully appreciate the unique panorama of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. The cable car goes in a few minutes up to almost 1,800 meters.  Its stations are peculiar: its butterfly shape architectures hide cutting-edge technology. The landscape will leave you breathless. It is as if the blue water of Lake Garda was blended with the pale blue of the sky. The peaks of the Alps complete an exciting picture.

8. Como-Brunate Funicular - Lombardy

Como, Lombar

Como, Lombardy

It is definitely one of the most famous funiculars in Italy. Since 1894 it has been connecting Como with an elegant hilltop village of Brunate, which is a panoramic starting point to go hiking in the surrounding mountains. You can take beautiful walks from the Piazzale della Funicolare to Brunate. The source of the Pissarottino (Fonte del Pissarottino), for example, is a scenic spot from where you can admire first the basin of the lake, Villa d'Este, Villa Erba and Monte Rosa. It is also nice to go down to Como following two possible paths: the one that goes along the funicular route and the other that passes by the Hermitage of San Donato (a former convent of the 15th century).

Complete Como Walk

A walk to the Volt's Lighthouse

9. Funiculars in Bergamo - Lombardy

Bergamo Funicula

Bergamo Funicular

Bergamo is a hidden treasure in Lombardy, with two historical funiculars: the first one connects the so-called "Città Bassa" (lower city) with the upper town, the famous Città Alta. The second one, starts from Città Alta and gets to Colle di San Vigilio. The first one was built in 1887, while the second dates back August 27th, 1912. Once you reach the old part of Bergamo, you can walk along the ancient streets, enjoy the incredible views of the city from above and feel the typical sparkling air of the area.
You can also enrich your traveller’s experience by doing a quest in Bergamo, with the cable cars featured in it, or read up on the city before going there.

Bergamo Walk

10. Funiculars in Naples - Campania

In the city of Naples there are 4 funicular lines used to connect the heart of the city with the higher neighborhoods of Vomero, Chiaia and Posillipo. The central funicular at Piazzetta Augusteo - Piazza Fuga was renamed  as "the shopping funicular". In fact, it links the two most commercial areas of the city: via Roma and the surrounding area including via Scarlatti and via Luca Giordano. The Chiaia funicular connects the residential areas of the city. The funicular of Montesanto embodies the essence of Naples: since 1891 it has connected the "plebeian" part of the city with the "noble" quarters of Vomero. Finally, the funicular of Mergellina connects the elegant neighborhoods of the Posillipo hill with the city center. Please check out the timetables and the days where funiculars work.
When compiling the 10-best list, we realized that it would be a shame not to mention these two truly amazing funiculars.

Isola d'Elba

The starting point is not far from the center of Marciana and from there you can reach the highest peak of Elba island, Mount Capanne. Its height is 1,019 meters. The view is breathtaking from there. You can admire all  the islands of the surrounding archipelago and Corsica and enjoy Elba's beautiful colours. Furthermore, in the distance, you can see the mainland, Tuscany. At the top, a small hut with a charming panoramic area welcomes all visitors. Do not underestimate the return with this cable car, in fact you can take a nice shot of Marciana village from above. The funicular was built in the early 1960s and then completely renovated in 2005. The journey lasts 18 minutes.


Capri Funicul

Capri Funicular

It connects Marina Grande with the heart of the island, the so-called Piazzetta. The funicular was opened in 1905: previously the distance between the two areas of the island was covered by travelling on mule-back. Today you can reach your destination merely in 15 minutes. The funicular is nestled among the scented lemon trees of Capri. The first station overlooks Cristoforo Colombo street, in front of the commercial port of the Marina Grande area, while the other one is in front of a staircase to get to Umberto I square, which is the center of the island. Then you can get to Acquaviva street, adjacent to the square. Does it sound good? Just have a look at the video: it is very helpful to understand the great places you will be able to see from this funicular.

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