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Top 10 Fun Facts about Lugano

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Charming and sophisticated Lugano, the largest town of the Italian speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland, has been beckoning travelers and tourists from all over the world for hundreds of years. No wonder: located on the shores of a picturesque lake, and surrounded by the mighty mountains, it is a surprising combination of the southern charisma and famous Alpine temperance. Furthermore will you find Lugano surrounded by famous mountains offering panoramic views: Monte Generoso, UNESCO WHS Monte San Giorgio, overlooking the city Monte San Salvatore.

Check out our top 10 Fun Facts about Lugano and see for yourself!

10. Lugano Is A True Shopping Haven

Shopping enthusiasts will not be disappointed: Lugano is well known for its fashion boutiques for any taste and budget. Just like in Paris, Milan, or Geneva, you will find all the luxury brands shops you can imagine in a tiny pedestrian street in the center, Via Nassa. Moreover, you can still do shopping in rainy weather thanks to Lugano's galleries and arcades!

Via Nassa, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland


9. Lugano Is The Cultural Center Of Ticino

Although Bellinzona is the capital of the canton of Ticino, Lugano is the center of political, cultural, commercial, and industrial life. After Zurich and Geneva, it is also one of the most economically important cities of Switzerland: all the main and most influential banks, casinos, restaurants, and boutiques are located here.

8. Lugano Is In Fact Very, Very Italian

Situated only 80 km away from Milan, Lugano has been undeniably and heavily influenced by the Italian history and culture. It is not only the largest Italian speaking city outside Italy, but a place for the ultimate Italy experience with its stunning views, relaxed lifestyle, and sophisticated cuisine.

7. And Maybe Even Way Too Southern

Don't underestimate the importance of fiesta traditions as the essential part of the locals' dolce vita: you will barely find any cafe or restaurant open for lunch for at least two hours in the afternoon, so make sure to plan your itinerary accordingly.

6. Lugano Has The Perfect Climate

If you never thought you can find palms in Switzerland, think again. Although the country is indeed famous for its cool Alpine climate, the canton of Ticino, and Lugano in particular, is an exception . This charming place is all about palms, subtropical plants and flowers, shiny waters of the warm lake, and lots and lots of sun.

5. Lugano Is A Great Place For Both Kids And Adults

Did you know what is the main export product of Switzerland? That's right: chocolate. If you are getting a little bit tired of Toblerone and Lindt, remember that there is Alprose Chocolate Factory only 10 km away from the center. Obviously, free chocolate is included in the tour.

4. Find Bargains at 80% Off Famous Brands

For those of us who are a little bit crazy about shops and malls, Lugano, surprisingly, is a great option. Only 15 minutes by car and you are in the largest outlet in the whole Europe, Foxtown, where they offer up to 80% off all the famous brands. The best thing about Foxtown, however, is that it is located exactly on the way to Milan, which is the capital of European fashion, just in case you want more.

Via Angelo Maspoli 18, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland

Website +41 848 828 888

3. Lugano Is Famous In Pop Music History

Eurovision, the main Europe's pop music song contest, is being held every year in a different city around the continent. Lugano's Teatro Kursaal started the tradition as it was the first venue to host the event in 1956. Although Switzerland wasn't the one to win, they took the second place next to a Dutch singer – and are, indeed, still proud of it.

2. Lugano Is Real Switzerland In A Nutshell

If you are wondering what does the whole country look like from a bird's-eye view, Lugano is the only place in Switzerland to experience that. You will find the famous Miniature Switzerland  installation with all its parks, monuments, and castles in Melide, a 14.000 square meters park, located only a few minutes drive from Lugano's center. Doesn't it sounds like an amazing idea for a day trip?

Address: 6815 Melide, Switzerland

Website +41 91 640 10 60

1. Lugano Is A Hot Spot For Beach Activities

Switzerland might be not the first place you consider when you think about beach holidays, but Lugano is happy to prove you wrong: the water in Lugano's lake, Lago di Lugano, or Ceresio, is warmed up to 25 degrees warm in August. Swimming and sunbathing, however, are not the only activity available: not to mention enjoying a chilled glass of white wine in cozy restaurants, cafes, and terraces, how about windsurfing, paragliding, yachting, water skiing, or even golf on the shores of this magnificent lake?
Lugano is a strategic location for any Ticino vacation. There are just so much to do and see, and best of all, the whole family can participate. For more information, see our Hiking Ticino Guid article as well as our Short Guide to Traveling in Lugano.

Happy Travels!

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