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Mount Hoverla

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There is a place in the Ukraine where the summer lasts just over two months; in June, the summer just starts to shimmer through, while in August, winter colors already show on the summits of her mountains.

Winters in themselves lasts for well over seven months - starting in October and ending in April.

Overall, expect only about a hundred sunny days, with rain being a common- and frequent phenomenon that the local Hutsuls, has transformed into a legend: The legend goes that if you throw a stone into a lake during any time of the year, you might call bad weather.
Whether or not this is true, we are not sure. Although, what we are sure about is that Mount Hoverla is the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and is located on the border of the Ivano-Frankivsk- and  Transkarpathia region, on the Chornohora Massif. (Mount Hoverla is then also the highest point within the country of the Ukraine.)

Summit: Hoverla's summit is at an altitude of 2,061 meters above sea level.
The Best Time to Visit Mount Hoverla
The best time to conquer the summit is from July to August, when weather conditions is a little more accommodating.
Pedestrian ascent to Hoverla is prohibited from October 1st to May 1st, with only experienced climbers and mountaineer experts given permission.
Mountain Fact File
Location Info
Continent:  Eurasia
Country:  Ukraine
Province:  Zakarpattia Oblast
Location:  115 km from Ivano-Frankivsk - 49 km to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
Coordinates:  48°09′36″N 24°30′01″E
Height: 2,061 meters
Prominence: 1100 meters from east.
Range: Chornohora Mountain Range
Mount Hoverla forms part of the Chornohora Mountain Range, where all the summits of Ukraine are gathered.

Among them is Mount Riba (2,001 meters), Mount Gutin Tomnatyk (2,016 meters), Petros (2,020 meters), Pip Ivan Chornohirsky (2,028 meters), Mount Brebeneskul (2,035 meters) and Mount Hoverla (2,061 meters), which is the highest peak of all. (It is also the highest point in the Ukraine.
Mountain Name Origin
Mount Hoverla was originally named, "Govirla," yet, an error slipped in when an Austrian military map showed a spelling error, leading to its name as we know it today, Mount Hoverla.
Directly translated, Mount Hoverla in Hungarian is, "Hóvár," meaning, "snow mountain."
This translation is quite appropriate since the top of Mount Hoverla is often snow-capped at the start and at the end of summer.
Mountain Geology and Formation
Folding structures of the Ukrainian Carpathians are mountain structures of alpine mountain-formation. These include the Precarpathian deflection, the folded mountains and the Transcarpathian Basin. They are composed mainly of Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene deposits. In modern relief, the folded structures correspond to the ridges of the mountain ranges and the hollows between them. The foothills in the relief are translated into the Carpathian Hills and the Transcarpathian Basin.
Climbing (or Hiking) Mount Hoverla
Climbing Mount Hoverla can be a challenging physical activity, especially for those who are physically ill-prepared for quick changes in weather- and altitude conditions.
August is obviously the high season, yet, experienced travelers recommend hiking is best from June to August.
In August, the weather is great, allowing for one to enjoy the breathtaking views and clear skies.
For its part, autumn is charming in its own way, with Mount Hoverla’s slopes covered in faded grass and pastel tones.
In the height of Spring, between May and June – the mountain is an outpouring of green. Nature seems to explode with flowers of every color - from ultramarine to azure, blood-red and white.
How to Climb / Hike Mount Hoverla
While this particular mountain does not offer an extreme high difficulty level for hiking, basic recommendations are always to be born in mind by both first-timers and experienced hikers.  
Some Basic Rules:
  • When hiking, keep up to your own rhythm, and only hike as fast as you can.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Only wear footwear that fits perfectly.
  • Take some dry socks and under clothes.
Other Important Considerations:
  • Avoid wearing cotton.
  • Try to increase clothing layers whenever you take a break or stop hiking.
  • Regardless of the duration of the intended hike, always take food on the trail. Good planning requires judgement on the correct food requirement to maintain optimal energy. A few light weight options for snacks include trail mix, energy bars and tortillas with peanut butter.
  • Your backpack must carry comfortably. It should be big enough to carry all the necessary gear. Keep in mind that weight should be equally distributed on both shoulders and/or around your waist.
Refuges / Mountain Huts Nearby on Hoverla
  • Sadyba Geredzhuka: Hotel situated 15 km from Bukovel Ski Retreat, and 68 km from Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport.
  • Hotel Desatka: Features country-style and wooden decorations with views of the mountain. Amenities includes an electric kettle, satellite TV, a minibar and a common area.
  • Chalet Truten: Offers free Wi-Fi, a common living area, garden with a pond, and a playground.
  • Khatky na Penkakh: Skiing is popular in this area, however, guests have a variety of leisure activities available to them, including horse riding and cycling. Bicycles can be rented on site. The village of Verkhovyna lies 24 km away and Yasinya settlement is just 16 km away.
  • Cottage Oberig: Hotel Oberig in Vorokhta, offers homemade dishes and  various outdoor activities, including rope tours, horseback riding, skiing and cycling.  (All available within a 10-minute walk of the hotel.)
Hiking Trails on Mount Hoverla
Mount Hoverla forms part of various mountain ranges, which includes:
  • Pop Ivan Chernogirskiy
  • Dzembronda
  • Menchul
  • Brebeneskul
  • Gutin Tomnatyk
  • Riba
  • Turkul
  • Danzig
  • Pozhizhskaya
  • Petros
  • Sheshul
Each mountain affords a different and unique hiking trail with a variety of rivers, waterfalls, indigenous plants and animal life to explore.
Climbing or Hiking Mount Hoverla – Our Top Tips
  • The Zaroslyak Route, found on the northeastern crest, is the most accessible by car. (Although, in winter it presents a 1B difficulty level.)
  • The North-western crest is accessible from several points; the main ones being the shelter of the Kozmeshchik, and the foot of Mount Petros.
  • The South-eastern crest begins with the pass between Mount Hoverla and Mount Bresculus.
  • During the ascent of Mount Hoverla, it is recommended not to drink water. Experts recommend hydrating once you reach the top, and to relax for 10-15 minutes before beginning your  descent.
  • Lagging behind the group, smoking and littering are strictly prohibited during the climb.
  • A rain-coat and first-aid kit are recommended.
Skiing on Mount Hoverla
Although skying is not commonly practiced on the slopes of Mount Hoverla, visitors can go to Drahobrat, Yaremche and Bukovel.
  • Skitrails found at the Dragobrat Ski Resort are quite varied, and offer opportunities for extreme enjoyment.
    Due to its location and landscape, the Dragobrat Tract affords a unique microclimate: the ski season here lasts longer than anywhere else in the Ukraine.
  • During winter, Yaremche is overcrowded with snowboarders and skiers, and is considered  a real paradise for ski lowers.
    It is not extremely cold, the wind being quite moderate, but snow is always plentiful.  
Probiy Waterfall is however considered to be the town’s main attraction. While it is certainly not the highest (only 8 meters), visitors deem it the most picturesque waterfall within the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Other Attractions:

Apart from snowboarding and skiing, is the unique local architecture found in the region worth a visit. There is an abundance of churches and monasteries.

Don’t forget to visit a souvenir market, where you can purchase pieces made by local craftsmen.

Bukovel is relatively young, yet, already popular as an ultramodern Ukrainian ski resort.

This area owes its popularity to many well-equipped ski trails and an amenable climate.
Ski trails are over 50 kilometers long, and distributed among five mountains.  

Tracks can be negotiated according to experience levels, with easy trails for beginners and difficult ones for professionals, as well as slopes designed especially for kids.
To make the most of your trip to Mount Hoverla, install the below two apps to conveniently take photo routes and measure the height for peaks in the surrounding area.
Routes.Tips App

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