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A Short Travel Guide to Leipzig

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DE, Saxony, Leipzig
Leipzig is the largest city in the state of Saxony, and now considered to be a city on the rise in commerce, tourism and culture. It’s further known by many names such as, “The New Berlin” and, “hype zig,” for its rise in trade as well as in arts and music. “The City of Heroes,” identifies it for its role in the 1989 peaceful revolution.
Overall there’s a lot to know about this amazing city. Let’s have a look:
The Best Time to Visit Leipzig
The Best time to visit Leipzig is during the tourist season that runs from May to late October. It’s normally summertime (temperatures range from 19 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius).
One thing to note: There are many festivals and attractions throughout the year. The best option would be to know which attraction you’d like to see.

Fun Facts About Leipzig

  • It was ranked the most livable city in Germany.
  • It’s surrounded by water.
  • It’s home to one of the greatest German composers, Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • It’s home to the oldest surviving coffee shop and restaurant in Europe.
  • The first printed newspaper came from Leipzig.

The Top 10 Attractions in Leipzig

Monument to the Battle of the Nation

The first attraction is one you can’t miss. It has a viewing platform at 91 meters high, and was completed in 1913. Built to mark the 100th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig. Audio tours in English are available.

Stadtgeschichtliches Museum


St. Thomas Church

This church was built in 1912, and has undergone a number of renovations over the years. (It’s the home of the famous St. Thomas Choir. )The church has quite some history attached to it as Martin Luther once preached in its halls. On top of that, Johann Sebastian Bach, was the church’s choir master. Bosehaus, is opposite to the church.

Thomaskirche - Bach 2000 Marketing GmbH, Thomaskirchhof

Website+49 (0)341-22224-200

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1837, but was recently (in 2004) relocated to its new home. It’s considered as one of Germany’s most important cultural institutions as it boasts more than 3500 paintings. The paintings date as far back as the middle ages, with some from the present.

St. Nicholas Church

The church of St. Nicholas is loved for its history as well as beautiful interior. The church played a leading role in the demonstrations against communist rule in what was East Germany. It was also graced by some notable figures such as Bach, who performed there. The Neoclassical interior with beautiful galleries and altar pieces, also tends to wow many.

Nikolaikirchhof 3


Leipzig Botanical Garden

What started first as a medicinal plant garden, has now turned into one of the biggest gardens in the country. You can find up to 7000 species of plants from around the world. There is also a greenhouse that is used to grow subtropical and tropical plants. Once done with that, check out the Leipzig Zoological Garden to see animals and their impressive habitats.

The Leipzig Cotton Mill

During its prominent days, the building was an important commercial center mostly focused on cotton trade. That’s not the case anymore, as it has been transformed into a cultural destination. Cafes, restaurants, art galleries and studios can be found in the building.

Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH SpinnereistraBe 7


Mendelssohn House

This house is the only preserved house of the great composer, Felix Mendelssohn. You can take a guided tour through the house to get some insights into the man and his work. There are also written documents to read. In addition are there regular concerts held on Sundays.

Mendelssohn House, GoldschmidtstraBe 12


The Grassi Museum

This museum was established in 1895, so it’s quite old. The building in itself houses 3 other museums. The one that intrigues people the most is the Museum of Musical Instruments. It contains extensive archives, sound laboratories as well as musical instruments from the middle ages all the way to the 20th Century.

Johannisplatz 5-11

Website+49 (0) 341 9730750

Stasi Museum

Get into the minds of the secret police (The Stasi) in Eastern Germany, as you walk through the museum. There are English language audio guides that help you understand the story better. Here you’ll see the disguises, surveillance devices and get to hear about the recruitment methods used by this brutal force.

Dittrichring 24


The German Library

Established between 1914- 1916, this building had the function of collecting German language books and publications. It’s a task that has been done well as there are many publications to read and set your eyes on. It’s also an archive for German music.

Deutscher Platz 1


Other Noteworthy Attractions in Leipzig

Old City Hall - This is one of the first buildings in the square. It was built in the year 1556 and since 1909 it has served as the Museum of City History. 
The Naschmarkt and the Madlerpassage - These locations can be found behind the old city hall. It’s where the old stock exchange was located and where the old shopping arcade can be found as well. 
Leipzig University - It’s one of the oldest universities in the world and the second oldest in Germany. It also hosts some of Leipzig’s attractions such as the Museum of Antiquities. 
Neues Gewandhaus - This is one of the more recent attractions compared to the rest on this list. Built in 1981, it’s the home to the Gewandhaus Orchestra. The complex also hosts some educational as well as special event. 
New Town Hall - Built in 1905, this hall ranks as one of the most important municipal halls in Germany. The building design intrigues many as it’s in the style of late renaissance Germany.

Activities Available in Leipzig

  • Visit the Museums - There are many museums that you can go visit to learn more about the city.
  • Bar hopping - Leipzig has plenty of bars coupled in with the attractions. You can get to enjoy the night life. 
  • Dining - There are many restaurants in the city of Leipzig. One of the famous ones being the Auerbachs keller, a site of the famous scene from Faust. 
  • Watersports - Markkleeberger See, a man made lake was once a mine coal pit. It was renovated in 2006 and become somewhat an attraction for fans of water sports.
  • Go to the “Zoo of the future”- Known as the Leipzig Zoological Garden, it boasts great natural habitats for animals and has plenty of animals for you to see.
  • Visit the Book Fair - You might love one of the biggest annual events in the city. Many kinds of books are on offer at the fair. 
  • Nature Hiking - You can also stroll through the Auenwald Forest. It’s a beautiful attraction with a garden and park.
  • Shopping at the Farmers Market - This event takes place each summer. You can go there to have a taste of some of the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. 
  • A choir concert - Leipzig is home to the St. Thomas choir, so you can definitely go and witness a performance from this world renowned group.
  • Check out the churches - There are also plenty of churches in the city, with a lot of history and style as well. Visiting these places can be pretty interesting. 

The Top Events in Leipzig

  • Leipziger Stadtfes - A huge carnival that takes place every year in June
  • Bach Festival - Happens every year in June at the St. Thomas church and on market square.
  • Leipziger Jazztage - It’s a jazz festival for the fan of the genre. It’s a must see for jazz fans. 
  • Leipzig Christmas Market - The name speaks for itself. The event begins on the second week of November all the way to December. There are performances that take place and the event normally transforms the city entirely. 
  • Leipzig Book Fair - The book fair is the second largest in Germany and is held in March. Books from different genres can be found making it a haven for bookworms.

What to Eat at Leipzig

  • Roasted Squash with a Spicy Chocolate Sauce
  • Symbiose has only been active for a couple of months, but it serves up some of the best vegan meals. You can enjoy a variety of creative vegan food at Symbiose. 
  • Burger with dips.
  • One popular trend in Leipzig is Vegan “meat”. Deli is a burger joint that uses this concept quite well. You can enjoy your burger with a variety of sauces and dips. Known for its vegan “meat”, S Kultur is an upscale restaurant that serves fresh food and a variety of vegan “meat” including vegan “chicken.”
  • The Voner - Shaped kind of like a taco, the voner from Vleischerei is one of many fast food treats offered at the restaurant. Healthy ingredients like lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are a staple in many of the dishes. 
  • Bagel and Coffee - The Bagel Brothers offer some of the best bagels in Leipzig. Their breakfast option is used by many as a substitute for expensive hotel foods.

Getting to Leipzig

There are many ways to get to the city of Leipzig. The first option you could consider, is making use of a car. Three major highways (the A9, A14 and A38) link to the city, and places it a central part of the German motorway network. Each of the routes puts you in a different part of the city. Another option is the bus that goes through a number of German cities. Buses are normally good value for money.
Another option is the rail that can take you to the center of Leipzig. You can get to Leipzig via the airport. The airport is 18km away from the city and provides direct connections to other cities in Germany as well as the rest of Europe.

Getting Around and About in Leipzig Germany

The public transportation system in the city is advanced and efficient with buses and trains providing some of the best modes of travel.
They will get you to or close to the attractions that you’d like to see. Another efficient, but more expensive option would be a taxi. They can get you to any part of the city you’d like to visit.

Where to Stay in Leipzig

Luxury Accommodation 
Price / Quality Ratio
Budget and Family Options
Unusual Accommodation 

List of Recommended Souvenirs

  • GDR themed items - You can get items from the days of the German Democratic Republic. They can be office supplies or even games. 
  • Porcelain statues - These statues are small, so they won’t take up space. In addition, they are also quite impressive and pleasing to the eye.

Top Tips for Travelers to Leipzig

  • Grab cash in hand as many restaurants don’t take credit cards. 
  • Learn the culture. For instance, public drunkenness is frowned upon and not shaking hands when meeting someone is impolite. 
  • Be aware of local laws. For instance, jaywalking is strictly prohibited.
  • Take your time in the city as there are many sites to visit. 
  • Ditch private transport as the public transport system is well networked and efficient.

Enjoying Leipzig on a Budget

  • Watch out for the train deals from other cities. For instance, you could travel to Leipzig for only 14 Euros. 
  • Visit the choir for a great way to enjoy music. Tickets are as cheap as 2 Euros. 
  • For cheap food options, frequent the areas occupied mostly by students and artsy people. 
  • Visit the historical places as admission fees aren’t high.
  • Travel via a budget bus company to get to the city.

Recommended Day Trips Locations not Far From Leipzig

  • Weimar
  • Wittenberg
  • Colditz castle

Visitor Information and Useful Links

Tourist Offices
Emergency Contact Numbers

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1000 year-old Leipzig originated at the crossroads of important medieval trade routes, and was known under many nicknames. Today’s ‘New Berlin’ used to be the ‘Boomtown of Eastern Germany’ that turned into Hypezig’ for its vibrancy, vigor and agility of mind.

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