5 vie and much more in Milan

Italy, Milano

5 vie is the naming of this super central block in Milan that evolves around five different streets that are super tiny and very milanese, full off beautiful shops and great restaurants.

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My route starts in Corso Magenta from the back side of the Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. This back side is completely unexpected because it's a plus where the nuns used to sing without showing their faces to the religious mass.

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This is the wall that divided the two parts. The particularity is that this church was a female monastery from the Benedectine.

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Onestly I've never seen such a frescos church, it is really full of frescos everywhere, and each of the is well explained along the church wall with nice captions.

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That is the front side where you see the frescos and the net that divide the space with the nuns in the back.

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The ceiling is amazing too with arcade and colorful vaults.

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The exit is through the Museo Archelogico, another great place to visit. A must seen if you are into archeology or architecture.

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This roman remains let you feel like in the Fori Imperiali in Roma.

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A great and hidden locations that most of the Milanese even don't know.

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Super close to ruins there are a couple of great modern buildings just opened.

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Piazza Borromeo is hidden too, but so little and so beautiful, no traffic, a nice church and gardens.

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Here the cinque vie start, a bit decadent.

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A funny think about this picture with an old brick building.

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A typical bar where to take an Italian real espresso.

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And for the finish point the famous third finger sculpture in front of the milanese Borsa Italiana. I was so happy for capturing the real Italian couple driving a Vespa around the city.

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